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Transforming Healthcare Through Strategy Consulting

Agate MedCare is a leading healthcare consulting firm that leverages diverse experience and deep expertise to drive positive change and revolutionize the industry.

Your Partner in Healthcare Innovation

As a leading healthcare consulting company, we specialize in leveraging innovation, technology, and strategic insights to drive positive change and revolutionize the industry. With 20 years of experience, we have built a reputation for delivering results and transforming healthcare organizations.

At Agate MedCare, we redefine success in healthcare by focusing on tangible changes in customer behavior and improved patient outcomes. Our personalized and direct approach ensures that every solution we provide is tailored to your unique needs, helping you achieve your goals and stay ahead in today's evolving healthcare landscape.


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Empowering Healthcare Organizations

Our comprehensive range of healthcare consulting services empowers organizations to excel. From strategic partnerships and platform commercialization to optimizing the customer experience and diversifying revenue streams, we offer holistic solutions tailored to your needs. With deep industry knowledge and practical experience, our experts accelerate your organization's growth, efficiency, and patient satisfaction through a results-focused consulting approach.

Brand Building

Build a strong and reputable healthcare brand with our brand building services. From brand strategy to messaging and visual identity, we'll help you establish a compelling brand presence that resonates with your target audience and differentiates you from competitors.


Monetize your healthcare platforms effectively with our platform commercialization expertise. We'll assist you in developing business models, pricing strategies, and go-to-market plans to maximize the value and reach of your platform.

Business Development

Unlock new business opportunities in the healthcare industry with our business development solutions. Our team will assist you in identifying potential partnerships, expanding your client base, and driving revenue growth through strategic initiatives.

Process innovation

Drive efficiency and effectiveness through process innovation. We identify opportunities for streamlining operations, reducing costs, and enhancing outcomes, leading to improved overall performance.

Change Management

Navigate change with confidence. Our change management expertise, includes guiding organizations through smooth transitions, fostering high levels of employee engagement, and facilitating successful adoption of new processes and technologies.

Strategic Partnerships

Forge alliances and collaborations that unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation in the healthcare ecosystem. Together, we can create powerful networks and synergies.

Customer Experience

Put your patients at the center by delivering exceptional experiences at every touchpoint. Let us help you in designing and implementing personalized and patient-centric care journeys that go above and beyond, fostering loyalty and satisfaction among your patients.

Team Growth & Alignment

Foster a high-performing healthcare team with our team growth and alignment coaching. We'll work with you to assess and optimize your team's structure, skills, and processes, enabling them to work cohesively towards your organization's goals.

Discover the power of innovation through healthcare consulting.


20 years of building disruptive, customer-obsessed, healthcare brands

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The Agate Advantage

When you partner with Agate MedCare, you gain a competitive advantage in healthcare innovation. Our hands-on approach and operational experience ensure the practical implementation of recommendations.

We are committed to long-term success, focusing on comprehensive strategies and implementation.


By diving deep and addressing the root causes of your pain points, we establish a strong foundation to build upon, ensuring sustainable outcomes. We prioritize foundational work rather than quick fixes or temporary solutions, guaranteeing long-term success in everything we do

The industry is growing, don't get left behind




Digital Health Market (U.S.)
size, by technology, 2020 - 2030, (USD Billion)














Healthcare Analytics 

Digital Health Systems

Adapted from the North America Digital Health Market Report, 2020-2030: Grand View Research

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Organizations

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"Dr. Younis joined our senior leadership team, as our Medical Director at the beginning of the COVID pandemic to help us manage through what became the most challenging situation in our history. She proved herself a decisive, innovative, and impactful leader who created several initiatives that allowed our organization to keep our staff and the individuals we support safe. Her approach and insight changed the way we think about the health support we provide and will have impact for years to come."

Brad Saunders, CEO, Community Living

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